About Us

Walkli was founded in 2016 to help travelers and locals explore cities beyond the typical Top 10 lists. We found that the best memories from our trips weren’t in seeing the major sites, but from engaging with cities as we wandered them, discovering hidden markets, quiet parks, colorful streets, quirky architecture, and friendly people. We wanted to make it easier for other travelers to find these spots as well. We knew that the information existed—every city has its own host of local experts, guides, concierges, and tourism boards—but there wasn’t an easy way to have an authentic and interesting day, pre-planned. So we decided to build a mapping and sharing platform to connect experts with visitors.

We have since grown into a full-service sightseeing platform. Our custom mapping tools make it easy for local stakeholders to create, share, and embed routed sightseeing maps to attract visitors, improve experiences, and showcase their destinations’ culture and attractions. Whether you’re a traveler looking for a new place or a local looking to discover new parts of home, we want to help. To date, our content library has routed sightseeing maps for more than 300 cities in nearly 100 countries—and counting!. 

Walkli for Travelers

Walkli's library of routed sightseeing maps is available for more than 300 cities in nearly 100 countries

Tips for Creating Maps

Creating a great sightseeing map is about more than just listing out your favorite places

Walkli for Travel Professionals

Learn how to promote your destination, property, tour, or blog using interactive maps on your site

Content Partners

Walkli works with travel stakeholder across the industry including city, regional, and national tourism boards and destination marketing organizations; hotels and hostels; tour operators; community organizations; local chambers of commerce; and many, many, travel writers and bloggers. All out content creators share the same goal: make exploring the destination on foot more enjoyable for visitors.

Our Team

Jeff Peo | Co-Founder

I’ve traveled to hundreds of cities in more than 75 countries in the past decade, and I’ve always found that the best way to explore is to have someone who knows the city well map out on paper walking routes that best fit my interests. With walkli, we want to make that knowledge available to everyone.

Chris Abell | Co-Founder

After years at Travel + Leisure magazine, I realized that city walking guides based on interest would be a huge asset for curious travelers. We’ve built walkli to provide that asset: quality, curating walkli routes that help travelers explore the world the way that they want.

getting started

We have plans to match your needs, whether you’re just starting out as a travel blogger, work for a local chamber of commerce, or run a global hotel chain or destination marketing organization. See our plans and pricing to see which plan is right for you and email us at sales@walkli.com to learn how you can get your first month free on any of our professional plans.