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Visiting a new place can take a lot of planning: Scour your brain and the internet for sources you trust. Collect from them a list of the top attractions, best restaurants, coolest neighborhoods, prettiest sights—all the best things to do in your destination. Find all these places on a map. Try to create a sensible itinerary for conveniently seeing as many of them as possible. Realize mapping out an itinerary in a new place is hard and frustrating and gives you a headache. Repeat.

That’s where walkli comes in. We source themed walking guides for travel destinations around the world, based on a wide variety of interests and already mapped out for a convenient travel experience. Why walking maps? We believe that walking is the best and most authentic way to experience a new place. It’s green, it’s flexible, it’s healthy, and it’s human. Oh, and it’s free. Walkli maps help you interact with the world and its cultures in a way that’s good for you, harmless to our planet, and easy on your wallet.

So whether you want a pub crawl in Ottawa or a street art tour of Berlin, an architecture walk in Boston or a beach stroll near Sydney, walkli has a guide for you.